Meta Ultimate Racing

Meta Ultimate Racing is a blockchain-based automotive metaverse where all content belongs to the players!
Meta Ultimate Racing is a decentralized automotive-focused metaverse powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
Meta Ultimate Racing content is owned by users, who can use and monetize it, earning in-game currency in the form of their own digital asset, the Meta Ultimate Token (MUT).
Meta Ultimate Racing is more than just racing. Races in which the player drives a car are just one of the basic game mechanics. At the start, straight line races at 1/4 and 1/2 mile distances are available. Then drifting, circuit racing and other motorsports disciplines will be added.
The main part of the virtual content is implemented in the form of NFT-tokens. These are cars, real estate in the form of tech centers, race tracks, gas stations and billboards. Users claim ownership of virtual content in a blockchain-based registry. By owning game content, users can earn MUT tokens. Depending on the type of digital asset, users can earn MUT tokens in different ways. The simplest is through regular races, for which the participant receives a reward for winning. In addition to the system incentive prize pool, players themselves are allowed to bet in MUT tokens. The player directly participates in the race: warms up the rubber, starts, shifts gears, activates nitrous, and applies a number of other mechanics. Results of races are entirely up to the player. Races can take place in single-player format to set personal and absolute records, between certain players or random races. Several types of random championships will also be available, as well as various scenarios, events and championships from developers and major players with unique prizes. A certain amount of fuel is required to participate in each race. Fuel is an internal resource tied to a MUT token. Fuel can be bought, but cannot be sold. With races, fuel is transformed into MUT tokens, which make up the race prize pool.
More complex mechanics include organizing your own race team (clan). Passive solutions are also available and they are are ideal for investment: owners of tuning studios, gas stations, billboards, and race tracks can receive regular rewards.
Each user is free to choose their role in the metaverse Meta Ultimate Racing, combine several roles and change them depending on their interests.
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